I´m Belinda Anton a German bear Artist ..here °°Madox°°°with his christmas stockingP>Vintae Rayon and pink-white plus

stuffed with steel pallets and wool

 5 way disc jointed and a wooble jointed head

the arms are flexible

 hand emboidered and varnished nose...

100%handmade and designed by me..Melcome comes with certificate -smokefree!!!!

shipping / payment Versand / Zahlung

Shipping cost via airmail:

12,-insure in a box

Shipping to other countrys?

Please ask me.

Payment please via Paypal...


Versandkosten Deutschland (versichert):


Zahlung bitte per Überweisung (Vorkasse).

* * *

Versand Europa (versichert):

16,50 EUR

Zahlung bitte per EU-Überweisung oder Paypal (Vorkasse).

Vielen Dank!

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